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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mouse In the House

Yes! But not the Disney show… no no no … I wish.

We have a real live mouse in the house! I think it might be a rat actually… either way….A RODENT!

I hate it… why do I have a mouse in my house? I do not want him around.. not one bit. A couple of nights ago I was walking towards the kitchenette when I saw him running behind the bookcase. Fast, but not fast enough that I did not get a good look at him. I screamed and probably gave the thing a heart attack. Thank God I did not have one myself.. my heart kept pounding for a while and I got so distressed I had to read kids’ fairy tales to just forget about it. I know this sounds petty for a lot of people.. so what a mouse… but I just have this thing.. I hate mice.

So the very next morning I called the exterminator to come and rid me of the mouse/rat. How much will it cost I asked. It is 20 pounds a litre ( a litre of whatever liquid they would use to squirt around the house) and it will take care of all the bugs too. Hurray!! It will probably cost around 100 pounds , I naively thought… and went happily to work… thinking everything will be ok.

The guys came… squirted 600 pounds worth of whatever stuff (600 pounds!!!!) and said the problem is solved… the mouse will die or disappear within 2 hours. Ok mister… you are incredibly expensive…and I feel that you are somewhat of a hustler, but ok, if it takes care of the mouse.

So, last night… no sightings of the mouse… thank God…

So today I was sitting innocently at the computer playing a silly arcade game… then I just glanced down on the floor next to me… there he was… walking right to me!

What was he still doing here? And why was he coming towards me in the computer corner? Wants to check his email? Ah well I screamed again… and I guess that changed his mind and he ran back across the living room and somewhat disappeared under some thing. Where is he? I do not know? why is he not dead? WHY is he still here??

So of course I called the exterminator ( who had given me a 2 year warranty yesterday) and told him that I had hired them to get rid of the mouse… and hey… I just saw one right now. To this he simply asks me: is it the same mouse?

So I said: “Howwa ana hasa7bo 3ashan a3raf walla eh!!!?” (I am supposed to make friends with him and find out?)

Well end of the story… they are coming again tomorrow to allegedly get rid of it AGAIN. I really hope so.

I have a mouse in the house. ME UPSET.

AL Hamdulillah 3ala kol shai2.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Was just watching some of the news conference with Blair and Olmert.. this is what I heard:

Blair: blah blah blah, blah blah war on terror, blah blah blah.., blah fight for freedom and peace blah blah blah, blah blah terrorists blah blah Iran blah blah blah....

got up then, my time can certainly be used in something more useful than listening to blah blah blahs...

A question came to my mind then, does this guy actually believe the words coming out of his mouth? and do they even make sense to him at all?

Friday, September 01, 2006

Where is my luggage?

So .. this weekend I am here in the North Coast in the beautiful Alexandria... or Marsa Matrouh... somewhere in between I guess... the weather is good Al hamdulillah... Glad I came.. was thinking of staying in Cairo to catch up with some work. Anyway, yesterday morning we took off ,me , my sweet sis, my dear parents. the trip takes about 4 hours as it is, we also stopped for gas, groceries at carrefour (that took more than an hour!) and a rest in the middle, so after waking up quite early, we finally got there close to 5pm. phew.... a long journey... It was hot.. I was driving and all I wanted to do when I got there was take a shower and a change of clothes. after taking all the bags and groceries from the trunk I noticed something that gave me quite a shock.... my luggage... and roora's was missing!

Where was my stuff! I had told roora to bring them down to the car becuase i was carrying my laptop and papers' bag. she said ok. so now i found out she did not bring them.

I got so angry.... how can anyone go for vacation without luggage? esp. a girl? where is my luggage? well roora only heard the I am leaving part not the rest... a bit of a mixup I guess, but being so tired I got really angry with roora. Poor her, she really got distressed by my outlash rathar than the absence of her stuff as well.

I kept trying to supress my anger... to be the Kazemeen al ghaiz person (do not know how to translate that), don't think I did a great job at that. I tried to be silent... to supress it... it was all bubbling up in side that it came out as laughing... there was pent energy there I guess..

well anyway to make a long story short roora and I went to hammam and got some shorts, pants, t shirts, deodorant...etc. the essentials to get us through the weekend. was frustrated that I could not find suitable things right away..

then i remembered something and felt a bit ashamed of myself... a bit to be honest... not much... but enough to make me quit bothering roora.

Most of the sahaba (Prophet Mohamed PBUH's companions) had very little clothes or any worldly matter.. no matter what their standing. I remember a story about the caliph of the muslims ( I think it was omar ibn el khattab) not sure, well he was late for the friday prayers... and when he showed he said he was late because he was washing his only robe. His ONLY robe, and had to wait till it dried to wear it to prayer. and I was in a fit because I did not have all my stuff for one weekend. and I could buy replacements too! aren't we spoilt?