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Friday, March 30, 2007


It had been quite a while since I have been around my own blog, not to mention other blogs... though I have been dropping in on some of my favorite blogs from time to time,,, though I hardly comment. the last few months have been a little too distracting for me... not used to having my plate so full.

I do have a lot to do these days... and probably will continue to for the next couple of months... I guess I will have to handle it, maybe learn to manage my time a little better. we will see... but thankfully in the middle of it all, I managed to get a few days of vacation in luxor this month. that was a very needed and wonderful change. though I stayed for only a few days, but I think I managed to visit most of the important stuff, though it could use another visit soon.

One thing I really think would have enhanced this... if I could only read the ancient Egyptian scripture... the hieroglyphics? every wall seemed to tell a different story, and in full color and detail. like their own little video cameras I guess. wall after wall after wall were etched with them, as well as the cielings, which actually sometimes had the best preserved colors. I got to know my camera's features quite well there as I tried to record eveything I saw, 500 pictures I think, But could have taken more. I did not take any photos of the valley of the kings' tombs... they are prohibited, also the battery ran out on me in Hatshepsut Temple. but all in all... I am satisfied.

the rides in the nile were very relaxing.... and in Aswan we went from island to island in the middle of the river with boats... those were very fun. I want to post a few pictures of the temples here maybe, pobably next post... as I still have to upload the photos.

I am supposed to be working on something else right now... so I guess I will follow up later.

btw.... The Prophet (PBUH)'s birthday is tomorrow... 3alayh Afdal Salah wa salam... and AL hamdulillah Rabb AL 3alameen.