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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

baby smell...

There is just something so endearing and lovable about how the top of a baby's head smells. really... their smell is just addicitve.

As a matter of fact... I love to smell my baby niece. it is like some intoxicting perfume that fills up your senses. it is a mixture of baby shampoo... drool, milk, powder and almost always just a hint of spit! I read somewhere that jennifer lopez wanted her perfume to smell like that. I like the smell, but would I like to smell like that? I think not.

I do not know if men experience this also, I mean, I guess a woman's hormones and insincts can affect their perception a bit... I don't think I have ever heard a guy say : mmm.... this baby smells so good!
I guess God has given women these maternal instincts... to be able to love and cherish and care for this very vulnerable creature... whilst also enjoying it immensely. Alhamdulillah.

For every mother out there... Cherish your gift.... and Thank Allah. For every woman who is not a mother and wishes to be (me included)... May Allah grant you your heart's desire... He is the most generous and merciful. Amen