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Saturday, December 23, 2006

tala3 albadru 3alayna

I really love that song... and mashary rashed sings it beautifully. I finally found it in utube... so now I can watch it any time I want ISA!

Here is the link... enjoy

Friday, December 01, 2006


Last post I had written, I had three pregnant friends , and just about due. well now two of them have given birth alhamdulillah. the first is Dalulla! she had her beautiful little baby boy about 2 weeks ago... His name is Hamza, and his nick name is Xeno... I have only seen him once, Ma shaa Allah he is such a darling.

My other friend had a little girl, janna, she is two days old today, but i have not seen her yet... maybe this evening.

my other friend who is still pregnant, is actually the one whose baby I look forward to the most. After all, that baby is also going to be my niece! She is due some time in the next couple of weeks... and I miss her already!

by the way... the baby in the picture is not xeno :)