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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

....mmm... so have you gained weight?

yeah... a question that people do not think about twice... they see someone they know who looks like they have put on a few kilos... and they seem to think that they need to ... i don't know, remind them? make sure? check the facts?

why do people ask that. really. don't you think that someone who has gained weight has noticed? they don't need everyone they meet to point it out to them.. or at least point out that they have noticed.

it is frustrating really, and definitely suffocating. khalas, you gained weight, you know it, and you probably want to lose it. how and when you do it. As long as it is moderate and not health threatening, why the hell does anyone care? what do they expect the answer to be ...:

Q: hey, have you gained weight?
A: yes, i have actually, thanks for noticing


A: no not really, these pants just make me look fat


A: (in shame) yeah, "I tried to hide it.... but the problem has become obvious, the cat is out of the bag.... I HAVE GAINED WEIGHT!

Imean. what do people hope to accomplish by telling someone that has gained some weight that , yes indeed they did indeed gain weight, and eveyone noticed

If someone has a bad hair day, do you go around telling thm: hey your hair does not look so great. or hey; you have a zit on your face.... etc etc of the obviously impolite things to say to someone to bring them down and like... i don't know destroy their ego a bit.

Yeah so what brought about this angry ramble of mine... well you guessed it.... I gained some weight... maybe 5 kilos or something, nothing drastic, just a bit noticable. and yes , I like it when I am thinner, and yes, Ido want to lose those 5 kilos. guess what... it is not as easy as it sounds, because, basically , I hate diets, I do not think I have ever seriously gone on one. I would go to a level of "taking care" as in getting one scoop of icecream instead of 2, or getting a diet soda instead of a regular one, but basically that is it. I am not big on diets. and I get cranky when I am hungry or sugar deprived.

But thankyou to all who are concerned so much, but stop telling me. ok I know. I know. repetition of something does not make the fact any different. we were having this gathering a while back, and about 3 different people pointed out to me: you gained a bit of weight by the way. well duh, I know.

ok this ramble is coming in a very irritable mood right now, but really, I am really curious, when someone asks that famous question: "so... have you gained weight?"

What is their point, really?