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Saturday, November 08, 2008


Congratulations to the American People on their election of Barack Obama. You should be proud. Obamania or just overwhelming support and rooting for obama indeed is a global phenomenon. surprisingly, more globally than in the US itself. Myself and family included. Maybe because people who are not actually going to vote, have more freedom to follow that "gut feeling". Americans obviously have to sometimes intentionally put their gut feelings aside, and sit and calculate their taxes and decide if it would serve them best to elect this person.

My gut feeling, was that I really like this person. I fist watched him by complete coincidence, while just flipping the channel to CNN, and saw this guy get up in a cold Chicago day and announce that he was running for president, about 21 months ago. Now I had no idea yet who he was, and what his ideas and standings were, but he instantly clicked somewhere inside me. Something inside me just absolutely accepted him. I had followed and cheered his campaign ever since. During the primaries, and in the general election. I am glad that what I saw from him after that day only validated my initial impression. I was absolutely surprised at myself for being so caught up in this, when he is not even running in my country. But seeing other people all over the world do it too, kind of dampened my doubts about my own sanity. :)

I guess, when you see someone who appears to follow and aspire to alot of the values that you do too, you can not help but cheer for them, wether it directly invloves you or not. I hope that he continues to validate our faith in him as a basically good person over the next few years.

But putting Barack Obama himself aside for just a moment, I really believe the American people are the real winners today. Because they followed hope rather than fear, embraced change, and in doing so, silently revolting against all that the Bush administration did to mar their ideals these past few years. in doing so, they have risen above, and again rekindled their American dream. It is still alive.