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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

If I feel helpless, then how do they feel?

All I can say is :Offawed amry ila Allah, and may God forgive us for our weaknesses, and show us the path, give us the guidance and strength to do what is right.

I am talking about Gaza.... and as I feel for them,.... I have to be totally honest, that a part of my anguish now, is the fear for us and Egypt. The fear that we have let our brothers down, and hence ourselves. that we have sold our souls, and for what? money... Allah el G
for fear of who? Israel and US? what happened to doing what is right and counting on Allah for deliverance. Why this wall? that is causing anguish to Gazans? a foul traitorous reputation for Egypt among all Arabs? that is causing shame among Egyptians?
if the point of the wall is to pressure hamas to reconcile with fatah... that would not be wise..... forcing people to reconcile under the pressure of humiliation and hunger is immoral... not to mention unproductive!

If you so insist on having this wall... although if the decision is open to the egyptians, i am sure we would find another answer.... so i guess that they won't be asked..... then at least open the border! if the borders were open and controlled, we would not have this dilemma in the first place.

I know a lot of Egyptians feel this way.... but inside me... I know that just feeling this way... and wishing things were different... is not enough. I feel there is something else we can do... so at least we can go to sleep with a clear conscience... that we have done everything we could.

I feel like there is this blind spot in front of my eyes... like the answer is right there and I can not see it. I do not know why I can't see it... something tells me my sub conscience is blinding me.. for fear of loss of some comfort... or weakness or plain old cowardice that might be lurking somewhere inside each one of us. I Pray Allah would forgive us, help us... guide us.... make us rise and shake off the decades' worth of apathy and timidity... give us strength and purpose to do what is right. and may Allah make our efforts successful . And may Allah help our fellow Palestenians, and all Muslims, Egyptians and Arabs. Amen