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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

where does the time go?

where does the time go? that is a statement that i always say. these last 3 months i have also said thngs like "what have i done this last month?" oh my it has just flown by, sometimes i am very busy during my day, and am not bored at all then when someone asks me why aren't you doing so and so? what have you been doing? i find that there is nothing much i can say

the problem is that i don't manage my time properly. ie. if i have spare time ( which i do), i don't do anything worthwhile. the net for instance, takes up hours of my time!!! and in the end i can't say it is in anything too important

i think time is too precious to waste like this. i have only one life to live, and it should be spent doing something worthwhile.

i got a book about time management from a used bookstore and found the copyright 1978!!! but i think the concepts still apply (beats not having any management at all!!)

well, i think having a journal could be useful to keep track of where all the time goes

also, if i have free time, i think the best thing to do is do something worthwhile for our afterlife. doing good deeds i mean. we concentrate so much about maintaining this life we forget about later.

i wish i can actually do that, but from experience it is easier done when it is done with someone else. it keeps you committed to the cause. we are going to be asked about our life and time and how we spent it after all.


  • At 6/09/2005 10:54 AM, Blogger Alina said…

    Time management is a problem for most people. I've been trying all kinds of stuff - from planning my whole day to just set targets for each day. I guess the secret is not to give up. You will still lose huge amounts of time (you realize it only when you account each hour), but always less than before! The only lists I keep close track of are of the books I read and the books I buy...
    About the net, yeah, it wastes a lot of time, but hey, at least you meet interesting people :))! I know i did!

  • At 6/09/2005 1:19 PM, Anonymous rora said…

    yes i agree with you in time management, it is too bad that your life is gone and what did you do ? since i was graduated and i feel everything is still no real achievements. in the past while i was in the school i used to feel progress that i study and i grow up a year and i go to the following grade, so here is the achievemnet but after graduation , i felt like i done my best.

    well that is why i like studying, maybe because it is a way that forces us to be exposed and read and get more to things in the world even if it was by chance but you are still reading.

    i have been planning to do so many things in my free time but i dont know why nothing happens , low will :(((, i guess doshar and kayla that every thing starts by the first movement , just when you start up in the track of doing useful stuff , from reading , doing good deeds, playokg sports, enjoy your life by the way you feel postive towards yourself, it will pull you to the rest of the track of activities. just the first step and then you will be in the track !
    ok this is the first time i enter here and it seems to be interesting

  • At 6/09/2005 1:50 PM, Blogger Alina said…

    "just the first step and then you will be in the track !" - This is very true, Rora. The first step is also the hardest, but once you made it, the rest comes to you easier.

  • At 6/09/2005 4:10 PM, Anonymous RORO said…

    Hello do i really liked your post and you are absolutly true we all have this problem of time managment one way or the other. we have so much stuff we need to do and no time but actually if you analyse your day you wonder about all that free time you have without achiving anything !!!!!!!!!

  • At 6/10/2005 7:22 AM, Blogger farida said…

    Hi Do,

  • At 6/10/2005 2:29 PM, Blogger Dalulla said…

    Hi Doshar.. Very true i agree, we all have a time mangement problem.. Big time.

    For me, i don't really know.. My kid consumes so much of my time, but then, i was told, binging up a well bred kid, in terms of manners and religion is highly rewarded by God, since you make an effort to offer a constructive individual in society (i pray he becomes like that).

    But Doshar, i have to say, where the net is concerned, that depends how we use it.. I find that we have been bestowed with a blessing..blogging the way we do. Because where we are concerned, we are trying to make something real positive out of this.. Your approach towards trying to help Kayla with information about Prophet Jesus, and i am sure that many others might also read.. That is very positive.. Kayla's posts are very good too.. I try to also be constructive in mine.. So i see real good coming out, plus making new and worthwhile friends even though we haven't met, but you never know..

    But coming back to the main subject, yes i do agree we do need to manage our time better, and as long as we have good intentions i am sure God will help us out.

    I am soooo happy we are interacting together like this.


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