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Thursday, June 09, 2005

teach how to think?

is it ever too late to change the way your mind works? i guess not, but we have to be exposed to different intellectual stimuli to work our brain in different ways

alot of kids in school and college tend to just memorize the stuff, squeeze the info in for the exam, after which it doesn't matter where it goes.

i won't lie, i had done it a few times myself in the past when cramming before exams, and then i come out after a month of the exams with a clean slate (no real lingering info).

i am sure there are ways to get the best out of your kids/students' brains' abilities, but it takes commitment from your as well as the kids' side

sometimes i try to emphasize apoint in a way to make the kids understand it and why it is like this instead of just knowing it as it is. alot of times the kids (especially the topgrader ones) are veryhappy with this, but alot of them give me thislook that said : "can you just get it over with, what is the bottom line info that we are supposed to know?"

it is sometimes very frustrating. it takes patience to teach. but when something gets through it is usually worth it.


  • At 6/10/2005 10:52 AM, Blogger Alina said…

    Most of the times, it's a waste to get practically nothing after the exams...You learn, you pass, you forget, this happens too often. But I guess it depends a lot on your interests too. If a certain subject is interesting or at least has an interesting part (all this from a subjective point of you), you will remeber it.
    I noticed that when I pick something to learn, like a new language, or my recent research on religion, or HTML or whatever, I am more attracted to it because I am convinced from the start that it's interesting and that it is important for me to know it.
    I admire anyone who can teach. I think it's one of the hardest things to do, especially because children have it in their nature to reject it. Keep it short, I need to play after classe, not to study. Of course the attitude changes a little in time, but it never disappears completely!

  • At 6/12/2005 12:51 AM, Blogger Dalulla said…

    Doshar I think a very large percentage of the earth population did what u did, squeezed the info in that is...

    I think in schools the teacher is the one that counts, at least to agreat extent.
    Going to school every day and HAVING to study is not done voluntarily by most kids, they do it because they have to, not want to.

    It is a must now in our society to cope in cummunity and to be a decent and respected member of society, also by religion, we are told to acquire knowledge, and not just religious.

    The reason i say i think the teacher makes is difference is because of a personal account. I and most of my classmates used to intolerate chemistry at school, till this Welsh teacher came along. She was really cool, clever, knew how to really properly get the info to every one in the class. She smiled and joked with us, i think that was not only out of good nature, but a strategy to make us have interest in her and what she had to offer. She managed to get us to really concentrate in class and aroused our interest in each new topic she tauhgt!!

    I think the only way the educational system can really change, is when the teachers are really sifted through a psychiatrist first, just to make sure she/he is fit for handleing kids and adolescents. She/He must be tolerent, capable of containing, and have many good methods of simplifying the subjects and presenting them in as best as possible of a way to get the subjects through to the students.. To be able to make the students believe they are studying for their own good and not anyone else. and most impotantly to be friendly and have side talks, maybe during lunch breaks or before going home etc.. it does make a difference to students and their interest to come back again for 8 hours of almost continuose stufffing of info..

    I could keep going on and on, but do not wanna bore anyone.. But i still think each teacher makes a hell of a difference in the responses of the kids, no matter how difficult the subjects are.. Teachers must possess MOTIVATION DRIVES..

  • At 6/14/2005 10:30 AM, Blogger Alina said…

    I also posted this on my blog, as a comment, but i thought I should also put it here, so you can see it easier! Enjoy the book!

    I did read the book, Doshar. Most of it is fiction...A true Christian would dismiss the book on sight, actually...There's a strong Catholic Church campaign (also involving Vatican) against this book because it is said to have a great influence on people, teenagers especially.

    What Dan Brown did was to take a theory about the Bible and use parts of it that he needed for the novel's plot, mainly the part about Christ being married to Mary Magdalene.

    If you want book containing all research and conclusions in the field, I recommend this post of mine - you will find the link to the book there.

    About the meeting...Well, they did choose a small number of writings to put in the Bible and they dismissed the others..


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