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Friday, August 25, 2006

A new Blog...

Duirng the war on Lebanon, naturally I was on the net alot, as well as watched a tremendous amount of news on TV.

What I was really disturbed at seeing was so many people who hate Islam so much... have sites totally dedicated to anit-Islam sentiments... their language is vile to say the least. Alot of the time.. Muslims, Arabs and even Prophet Mohamed PBUH have not escaped their vile words. These peole are so full of hate, they are racists and bigots who call for the total annihilation of Islam.

There have always been those people, and we would just shrug them off... but the problem is.... that the Islamic militants or terrorists are unfortunately the loudest heard voices about Islam, and their actions along with other muslims' actions, unfortunately tarnish the image of Islam in the world.

the big fear is... that there are alot of people who are not racist bigots, but actually are indeed ignorant about Islam... they do not know what it is about and thus can very well be affected and believe these claims...and in the long run it would be the taken for granted image of Islam in the world.

there are alot of misconceptions too about Islam,, about our rules, our beliefs and especially about the women. and alot of people who are non muslims become wary of Islam if not all together critical.

I thought that we as muslims have the duty to show the real essence of Islam, shed the light on these contravesial issues and try to counter those false cries about what Islam really is. To show its beauty and fairness. I thought that maybe we can have a new blog, dedicated to doing just that... People of all faiths are welcome to read and comment there as long as respect and decency are maintained. I will maintain this blog (share some thoughts) ISA for other issues.

the new blog is called True Essence of Islam , it is newly born (2 days ago to be exact). I pray it would do some good ISA.


  • At 8/25/2006 3:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Just by throwing the book at the critics of Islam hardly helps to boost the image of islam. If islamists live by the ideals they preach then it should reflect in the practice of its practitiponers to evoke appeal and real respect.

    I am not a christian but even their adversaries will agree that their missionary zeal and service to humanity are some thing others should emulate.
    Not all Europeans are civilised and enlightened but when people see Europeans they are identified with civility because the majority are civilised.
    Same way not all muslims are bad but the savages are from this community so its natural that others see Islam as bad when its not the religion thats at fault but the practitioners who twist the Quran to their selfish agenda fooling fellow muslims. And thats what the knowlegeable muslims should identify and eliminate. Do not blame the other religions first.

  • At 8/25/2006 3:58 PM, Blogger Alina said…

    Doshar, good luck with this project, to you and the rest of the girls. Hope you find an appropriate way to create awareness.

    About the anonymous comment, savages are everywhere, called as you like, serial killers for example. Europe does indeed promote an image of civilised world, but that is what it is, an immage...Look deeper, people are all too much the same everywhere.

  • At 8/25/2006 4:20 PM, Blogger doshar said…

    thanks alina... i look forward to seeing you comment there as well.

    anonymous... first of all... i do not think anywhere in my post did i blame any other religion.... and indeed i did admit that some of the actions of muslims contribute to this image...

    and I know that the faith is not to blame... that is what i aim for in my blog... defend the faith..not the followers... I can not control or speak for people, I can only talk about Islam as a religion.

    my blog is not to throw the book at anyone... or fight... or promote hate... it will be a very peaceful blog ISA, but there are people out there that have hate problems... irrational...I do not target them with any rational debate. i did not link them here, because their hate sites are too distrurbing.


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