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Saturday, June 10, 2006

These last few weeks have been …..quite different. A lot to think about to say the least. Not that all that has happened can be describes as actual events, neither can they be describes as unpleasant… yet they all together have quite an emotional and mental effect on me. Things that I have been trying to put to rest for the last three years are stirred up again all of a sudden, but al hamdulillah all is for the best. And I have to admit that it put my mind to rest in regard to certain aspects of that situation, if not all.

Anyway, nana came home at last, I have so much to do at work, other things on my mind as well… but I choose sometimes to just give it a rest.

So today I just decided to leave all my thoughts and analyses behind and just go over to my friend rere, to watch a football match. World cup is on you know

So I just got dressed and went over to her house, we ordered lunch and sat to watch the England/Paraguay match. Watching it, I really understood why guys like watching this so much. Besides the fact that it can be quite enjoyable to watch… it is a perfect getaway from the day to day hassle that is life.

For 90 minutes, all you really focus on is this little round object that is the football. You just watch it go this way and that…. Out of the field, over the grounds and occasionally into the goal. It is just like your perfect mental massage… your mind is focused, yet on nothing really concerning you (unless it is your country playing… then that is a whole other deal).


  • At 6/15/2006 8:27 AM, Blogger Alina said…

    A couple of evenings ago I went to see one of the matches at a terrace with some of my colleagues from work. It was indeed a very relaxing passtime!


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