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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Scared... yes.. but not from the Israeilis

As I watch the war playing out in Lebanon.... the horrors that I see on the news , I know that no one but the ones experiencing them can really know what they are like.

The anger that I feel at everything that is happening.. the frustration that WE ARE DOING NOTHING

I admit I am very scared... yes I am scared for Lebanon and the Muslims everywhere... but I know they have been wronged so badly.. And God is witness to all... and I know GOd will help them and defeat their enemy ISA. They are in God's hands... and if God's mercy is with them, they will prevail. Not the US phrase as they say it all the time "we will prevail" nonsense... but they will really prevail ultimately because right is on their side.... and who ever God is with... it does not matter who is against them.

And getting more and more frustrated with us collectively as muslims all over the world, just watching.. and sending only the aid that would not hurt us... medicine and food... but definitely not enough. We indeed have a much bigger duty to the Lebanese people.

Now I am getting scared... I am scared of God's wrath that I pray we never experience... due to our lack of solidarity and our failure to go to their assistance. God's wrath is the thing that I fear indeed, not Israel or America or even death. We are all going to die some day.. it is how we do it and the deeds we do before then that really count.

We need to do what is right.. to be right with God.

A few days ago I read a post by Ahmad (Ahmad's cold desert) where he was slashing out at the arab governments... I wanted to say something...I am sorry maybe...or something like that. I was too ashamed to write anything. what would I say...." no really... our hearts are really with you.. go fight or die while we watch, but we will pray?" that is not enough.. till we make a real difference, we have no right to raise our heads high in the face of any lebanese that tells us "where have you been?"


  • At 8/05/2006 12:04 PM, Blogger a h m a d said…

    Doshar, we realize that the Arab leaders do not represent the Arab people. What we can do now during this war is to expose Israel's true face to the world. Take care.

    أسأل الله أن يغير حالنا إلى أحسن حال


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