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Sunday, March 26, 2006

No more Henna?! :(

It has been 15 days since R's henna party. R is one of my best friends, so I really enjoyed the party, I always enjoy an event if the person concerned is dear to me.

Other wise I would just go as formalities.

Well I always like getting a henna drawing here or there. Nothing major, just something simple, dala3 kida in the mood of the party.

Anyway, I had a flowery bracelet drawn on my wrist, plus a small thing for my little finger, it was simple and nice, but the henna started fading the very next day, while the wedding was still 4 days away!

but till now, I still have a raised relief like pattern of the bracelet. no color, but the pattern is there nonetheless. looks like I developed some sort of allergy to the henna, and the skin where it was is kind of reddish, raised and somehow a bit callous. Don't know if it will go away. it is like when a wound heals wrong and takes ages to return to normal.

do not know if it would remain 3alatool or not, but so far it is a nice sevounir from a beautiful night. but i guess I will have to think again before I approach henna again!


  • At 3/27/2006 11:56 PM, Blogger Wonderer said…

    The last time I was in a henna part was 2 months ago. I went there putting a nice blouse, a new expensive blouse that I was wearing for the first time.
    My son insisted on having a dargon tattoo on his wrist but when the woman told him that she can't draw a dragon, he was ok with a flower:)
    Then suddenlly, his wet henna was on my blouse:( and ever since I didn't wear it. ya.7sartik ya blousty:( I really liked it.
    I guess no more henna for me too, or maybe next time I'll go in my pyjamas:)

  • At 3/28/2006 9:47 PM, Blogger Nesrina said…

    Henna parties are the best, I always enjoy going to these parties and I prefer simple things too. but I never had the courage to try to have a drawing... I keep spending time thinking about the shape and how small and differnt I want it then lose interest and decide to enjoy the party :).

  • At 3/31/2006 11:01 AM, Blogger Me said…

    I've never had henna before... believe it or not... I don't like it :-/
    I know it's a really good herb and I think is used in "El-teb ElNabawi" ... but I don't even like it's smell!

    By the way, back in Libya, they're proffesionals at henna... not only at wedding parties... in daily life...

    PS. Take care ya Dodo... i think from what you're saying, your skin might be allergic to it

  • At 3/31/2006 11:30 AM, Blogger doshar said…

    i really don't know if it is an allergy from the henna itself, or something the woman had added, i had henna before and it hadn't left this effect.

    sorry for the blouse the wodnerer... same thing happened to me.. but el hamdulillah, i don't usually wear anything that fancy to hennas.

    me we message, rty out the henna once, i think you would like it if the wedding is for someone special, because aferwards it is a nice reminder.

  • At 4/04/2006 2:09 PM, Blogger Dalulla said…

    Doshar i strongly believe that they add dye to the henna. I too get an allergy and my skin swells.. you should see how i was after my own henna..

    I think you need to use something local with cortison to get it gone. i had to use something but cannot remember what. It was painful, swollen and itchy too! I sometimes still cannot resist and go ahead and do it, but i have not done it lately at all.

  • At 4/05/2006 8:26 AM, Blogger Alina said…

    Doshar, I am sure there was something wrong with this particular henna that was used...Hope so at least. I would like such a drawing once, I've only seen it on tv and in magazines. Can you give me more details on this? Why such a party, which is its meaning? Yup, I am a prophane!

  • At 4/07/2006 9:40 AM, Blogger doshar said…

    dalulla, it is getting better, but still there. i think it will fade off in time though.

    hey alina, i think you can get henna in turkey. there are some pre made drawings in a tatoo like sticker that you can put on your hand or whatever. just like the ones in kids' bubble gum, only without superman, and last longer presumably.

    the henna party is the equivalent of a bachelorette party i guess, only with no male dancers!

    it is just about girlfriends getting together, and dancing around and having fun. there is usaually a dj or else a good player and a lot of good music.
    the bride usually arranges for a henna woman to come and sit on the side, and each girl can go and ask her to draw something here or there. but it takes about an hour to dry... so we have to be careful not to touch anything with our henna or it will smudge.

    it is also nice for veiled women, they get to dress in whatever they want and dance and have fun with no men around.


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