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Sunday, February 05, 2006

The worm

"There was once this worm. She was superman's worm. And she lived with superman in his house. She actually lived in a hole in the wall of superman's bedroom.

And the worm and Superman were very good friends. The worm would cook food for superman, and sit at the table and eat with him. Superman can easily see her, thanx to his super laser vision. Not the one he fights bad people with, the one he sees really well with. So, this way…. Superman never accidentally squishes her or anything.

When superman would fly, he would put her on his shoulder and fly with him. And they would go everywhere together.

Also, because the worm was superman's, she can fly. She was Superworm. She Also has a cape. She wears it and flies, and once saved another little worm.

One day, the worm was walking through the grass, and found something small and magic in the ground. She did not know what this thing was, but she ate it anyway. Now , this small thing was magical… so it made the little worm grow and grow till it was as big as the sky.

Oh my… Superman saw. The worm is really really big, how can we get her down?

So he used his laser vision to see in the stomach of the worm and saw the magical thing. He then used his laser eye powers (the one he uses to fight bad people with), and made the magical thing come out of the worm's stomach into her mouth.

Superman told the worm: this is a magical thing, spit it out! So she spat it out…. And she became small again. And now, the little worm walks in the grass and eats grass only and never eats anything else she does not know again."

This story was invented on the spot by my little 4 year old nephew today. I tried to type it exactly as he said it… just translated a few words into English mostly. Maybe I can show it to him when he grows up ISA…show him he had some good imagination. If anyone wants to use the story for a movie…please contact me for copyrights. :)


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