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Monday, July 04, 2005

ignorance is a bliss?

do we really want to know everything? knowledge is power? are there things that are better left alone or unknown?

i don't know.

there is a situation where an ex-friend whom i thought the world of, was suddenly very exposed to me as a manipulative person who was abusive and inconsiderate of me. i might not have known this except for a friend who told me a lot of things that i did not know.

ofcourse that hurt. and made me angry. sometimes i think, i wish i didn't know so as not to feel this way. and other times when i feel i would rather know the truth. if this person is not really honest and good to me i guess then my good feelings or view of this person are a waste.

so i am in a dillemma. i feel if i wouldn't have known, i wouldn't be so angry and hurt, but i would be a fool cherishing someone who doesn't diserve it.
if i do know, which is the current fact, i would be hurt and angry but at least see things for what they are.

well i take solace in the fact that the truth came out at a time and from a person who are very unlikely. so i feel this is from God. showing me. i had known this person for 10 years, and never had i seen this abusive part clearly, although looking back, i should have seen it for myself. but somethings you only see when someone points out to you. it was as if there was a curtain in front of my eyes/brain. i call it satr (shielding) from God. God always protects the secrecy of a wrong doer in the beginning, maybe he would repent, and if someone is exposed, it usually means they have done it repeatedly before. at a certain time things just came out. they must have come out for a good reason.

i know in the long run, i will feel good that i found out,when i stop being angry and hurt. i had no hand or desire to see things this way, it was just laid out infront of me by coincidence!! so i feel God's will in it and Allaho A3lam of course. whatever is from God has to be good. al hamdo li Allah for everything.


  • At 7/05/2005 1:00 PM, Anonymous mostafa said…

    By the way, since your blog is anonymous, make sure when you post on other people's blogs, don't identify their last name either. It's not good to have last names on Egyptian blogs.

    Interesting questions you're posing here.

  • At 7/05/2005 1:13 PM, Blogger Alina said…

    Well, Doshar, there's this Romanian saying: "God, please protect me from my friends, and leave the anemies to me!". I know people you invested so much in can really hurt you and disappoint you, but it's always better to know! I am convinced of that now, although when I found out I would have preffered not to know. So cheer up! It's your friend's loss anyway..

  • At 7/05/2005 2:52 PM, Blogger egyptiansally said…

    Hi D!

    It's me. I didn't read your comment before you deleted it, but here's my email:

    Email me and we can chat!

  • At 7/05/2005 4:10 PM, Blogger The Sandmonkey said…


  • At 7/06/2005 10:26 AM, Blogger Twosret said…


    I rarely share in personal blogs but your topic here got me. In recent studies they concluded that people who really hurt us are very close to us. I will look for the article and read and post you the link once I find it.

    I want to assure you that you are not alone in this, we all went through some hurt because of friends. I think you are very hurt now and I wouldn't recommend you make serious decisions. If I were you I would wait for a couple of mmonths and look back at this relationship with your friend and then may be make some decisions.

    I feel for you and hope that nothing will break you in this world as long as you are living and learning. It will only make you strong.

    I hope you will forgive and forget for your own sake and your inner peace.

    Best wishes

  • At 7/06/2005 12:17 PM, Blogger doshar said…

    thanx twosret for your support, what you say is very true. i know that it already led me to become a better person i think. at least i have more empathy for people.

    thankyou. waiting for that article. :)

  • At 7/07/2005 2:37 AM, Blogger Paul said…

    Doshar, did you talk to the ex-friend about it just to be sure there were no misunderstandings?

  • At 7/07/2005 10:37 PM, Blogger doshar said…

    sure did. the reaction was even worse.

    it was almost uglier than all the other things. and confirmed everything i knew.

    wish to elaborate more, but too many hurtful details

  • At 7/08/2005 3:20 AM, Blogger Paul said…

    Hi Doshar -

    Just to let you know I had something to add to your last comment to my blog. Kind of fun talking to someone in Egypt.

  • At 7/08/2005 5:22 AM, Blogger Twosret said…


    Is your e-mail address posted on your blog? I can't find it.


  • At 7/08/2005 12:30 PM, Blogger LouLou said…


    Sorry you're hurt but I agree with Kayla. It's better to know because you need to be on your guard.

    The truth would have come out sooner or later. It's better that it should come out now before this person has had even more opportunity to abuse your trust. Who knows what the damage might have been if you stayed ignorant any longer?

  • At 7/08/2005 12:32 PM, Blogger doshar said…

    thanx twosret, it is not poted, but here it is waiting to here from you

  • At 7/08/2005 12:34 PM, Blogger doshar said…

    thanx loulou. yeah better to know. i know that now. ignorance os no bliss!

  • At 7/09/2005 12:32 PM, Blogger Sarah said…

    Hey Doshar,

    Trust me It is better to know than to stay keda feeling what you feel towards someone who is not worthy of your feelings. I know that when a hit comes from one of your freinds it is always hard to dudge the blow or even survive it. but it will be better with time. At least be glad you got to know & think of all the heartache you save yourself from.

    Take it easy Dear freind. and remember that there are a lot of people out there who think the world of you.


  • At 7/10/2005 8:43 AM, Blogger Twosret said…

    Salamat Ya Doshar feenik?


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