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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Thank you Mom

My mother always tells me "You have no idea how much I love you, you will only know when you have a child of your own". I always tell her " but mom, I do know, and I love you too!"

But she always insists it is not the same at all.

I am yet to have a kid, but I get glimpses of motherhood from time to time, and I think I am starting to understand.

These glimpses of course come through my nephews. I have 2 nephews, 4 and 11, and one niece of 2 years of age. I love them all, but I am guilty of secretly favoring the middle Boy of 4 years old (Ibrahim). Is it normal to have favorites? Hana should be the favorite right? she is a girl, the youngest, and also shares my birthday! but I can't help it.

Well anyway, Ibrahim is attached to me, and from time to time he likes to spend the night with me. The most recent being last night. and I get to see then how a mother is with her child. (or as close as I can).

Your priorities immediately shift, He is the priority, his rest, his happiness, his sleep, everything. When going to sleep, we turn on cartoons to watch, even though I am used to watching something more adult like before I go to sleep. I turn off my phone, so no one would call and disturb him. He sleeps next to me, and all night, I sleep very lightly, I am always ready to wake up at the smallest sound coming from him. Not because I am a light sleeper (I am not), but I worry he would wake up startled and would want me to comfort him. I care that he is well covered, even if it means I am not. that is actually the case quite often, because he fidgets alot and ends up wrapped in the covers.

When he wakes up, even though I almost never think of breakfast, it is suddenly my top priority. and I want to make him something he likes. well to make a long story short, my happiness comes from his, even if I am tired, or uncomfortable. Sacrafices come easy. They are a pleasure in their own.

I realize if he was my kid, I would be used to it, and wouldn't be too careful, but I understand the concept. The love and care you give, even though the child is too young to understand how difficult it can be sometimes. Mothers do not give for appreciation and credit. they want nothing except the happiness and health of their kids. It is a pity that we only realize this when we are much older, after we literally put our parents through hell in our teen years (and alot of other times too). Escpecially that the biggest effort they do is when we are very young, and we hardly remember these years later on.

I hope I can Repay my mom just a little bit. Wish I can make her happy. I know I can't possibly come close to repaying her. But i can try :)

Thank You God for the blessing of motherhood, of the mercy that You put in a mother's heart to care for her young, even among animals.


  • At 9/12/2005 5:44 AM, Blogger Jane said…

    Speaking as a mother of two, I can tell you the best way to treat your mother is to tell her you love her-often. Show thoughtfulness towards her. Respect her age and wisdom. At least once in your life write her a letter telling her what positive impacts she has made on your life and how grateful you are for the sacrifices and dedication she made to give you life. Simply tell her thank you for your life. Being pregnant, giving birth, and raising kids is the hardest job in the world. The best gift to give a mother is to live well, show respect for yourself and others, and to be happy in your life. You already sound quite loving and grateful to your Mum...I'm sure she is proud of you.

  • At 9/13/2005 11:12 PM, Blogger Me said…

    Rabena yekhaleekom leba3d :-)


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