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Saturday, August 13, 2005

left overs?

I just read this post at roora's blog. Talking about waste and throwing away left over food when so many people are starving all over the world.

Of course, giving them to the needy would be great, but also in the interest of helping our economy, not being just a consumer society, we eat and eat and then eat some more than throw away what we don't like, maybe we could recycle our food!

At the risk of sounding like Martha Stweart, here are some tips i learnt from my mom about reducing your waste, and recycling what you have:

1. Buy just enough fresh fruit and vegetables, don't over buy.
2. If some fruit is about to go bad, you can incorporate them in a smoothie or jello. ("incorporate" does not sound right with kitchen advice:) )
3. Stale bread can be dried or toasted to be later ground into crumbs for different breaded food. Or cut into cubes for ceasar's salad.
4. 1 or 2 day chicken can be cut into small pieces and disguised into a vegetable casserole and soya sauce to make chinese food. Same with beef.
5. Don't add dressing to your salad till right before serving to make it fresher at the table
6. Old white cheese, (which has not gone bad) can be great with tomatoes and olive oil and cumin
7. Can't find a good recycling method for rice or macaroni. Wait till it dries and give it to someone who raises chicken for them to feed.
8. Cook the correct portions in the first place!!!

These are especially useful in ramadan, when no one wants to see leftovers on the table at fitar time.

P.S. giving away to the needy is still the best option.


  • At 8/14/2005 3:53 PM, Blogger Me said…

    Yep, I agree ya Do.. but sometimes I find it hard to apply something like for example "8" when I'm living alone with my brother who has a really hectic schedule ( you don't know "if" and "when" he's going to have lunch/dinner! ) .. I always apply "3,4 & 5" though ... I love chicken when I mix it with onions and green pepper..yummmmmy... tried "2" out with "3ennab bannati" and it was great... and my Dad just loves "6" !
    Thanks for the ideas ya gamila :-)


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