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Sunday, July 24, 2005


Sincerity is something of the heart. Only you and your heart would know. And sometimes, you wouldn't even know yourself.

this is especially important doing different deeds in relation to religion and God. Sincerity is of utmost importance. Our deeds should be purely aimed at the pleasing of God. When we pray, give charity, or do anything that God would want of us, if we do it for God, we can expect to be rewarded by Him. And very generously too. But if we are not sincere? If we do it for our own vanity, ego, people's perception of us etc. If it is not done for God, why would we be expecting to be rewarded?

doing a good deed for someone else's approval, or to be praised by people is very common. It is called riya2. Sorry that I don't know the English word for it. If anybody knows please tell me. It just erases our good deeds. As if they are not there. As if by an eraser, because they are not sincere. God demands our sincerity in our hearts. Even now, while I am writing this, I am afraid of riya2. It creeps up on you. It is said to be as subtle and unseen as a black ant on a rock in the black night. When you do something nice, and then people say you are so great, then you become so happy with yourself. Would it invite insincerity later? Doing things for people's praise?

I was once watching Amr Khaled on a show with Mahmoud Moussa, and he was talking about being so afraid. That he tells everyone to pray for him to be sincere in his deeds. He was so uncomfortable when M. moussa kept calling him a star.

the Prophet PBUH has taught us some words to battle this, and to keep us humble and sincere. I think staying humble is a key issue to stay sincere. Ego and vanity lead to arrogance and ultimately to a worse fate.

every day in the morning and evening:

"Allahumma inny a3oozo bik an oshreka bik ma a3lam wa astaghferak mimma la a3lam "
basically means "God I seek refuge from making someone your partner (in my aim of deed) that I know of, and I ask your forgiveness for what I do not know.

and when someone praises you alot you say:

Allahumma ij3alny a7san mimma yazonnoon, we eghferly ma la ya3lamoon, we la to2akhhezny bi ma yakoloon.

meaning basically "God make me better than they think, and forgive me for what they do not know, and don't hold me accountable of what they say.

this keeps you humble and knowing your place. When someone tells me some nice praise, I some times like it, I won't lie, but I sometimes feel uncomfortable, knowing myself more than them. And knowing that I might not be so good. I am not required nor should I bad mouth myself by talking ill of my deeds. On the contrary, I should not expose myself when God has graciously shielded me. But I should remember them myself.


  • At 7/26/2005 3:40 AM, Blogger Dalulla said…

    Reya2 is scary. I also fear it so much. but i guess that it is a matter of neya ya doshar. I pray so. I once heard that the people that will be judged strongly concerning reya2 are the Ulamaa (Scholars), shuhada'a (Martyrs) and there was a third one but unfortunately i cannot recall.

    Butknowing that Allah is just, insha'Allah we will be taken with our neya (intentions). So we just need to always conjure (summon) the neya of the intention of doing Good for the sake of God and not for gaining the praise of others.
    Allah is merciful and insha'Allah will reward people. I just think we are always warned to be careful, rather than being scared.

  • At 7/26/2005 3:42 AM, Blogger Dalulla said…

    By the way Jazaki Allaho Khayran for the dua'a.. I feel that we should always remind and encourage one another for the duaa. May Allah accept and increase our iman always till the minute we die.


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